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It's the middle of winter and I'm feeling like staying in bed.....!
However most of us have to work right? Part of my work this year is trying protocols on myself before recommending them to clients.
Number 1 on my list- anti- candida diet.
Finally, I am going to do a candida cleanse. Which is partly a detox, partly re-set and probably most importantly a gut treatment. I have been putting this off for so long, that I cannot feasibly give myself any more excuses! Oh no, I know the reason why I haven't done it and it's mainly to do with sugar. I like it. I also like dark chocolate and my understanding is I'll have to give both up for at least a month to have any chance of this working. Hmmm. Some of the information I have read has been conflicting...there is no such thing as an anti-candida diet or they don't work as candida is notoriously hard to get rid of. It can be bought on by stress or illness and is often a by product of an imbalance of gut bacteria which can also be due to multiple reasons. Stress, medication, antibiotics being just some.
I'll start on Monday, fingers crossed I can even make through the first day!....If it works!

SO here I am on a Monday evening thinking about that wine I have in the fridge left over from the weekend. You see, it's been open 3 days and if I don't drink it soon it will go off:). The things I tell myself!
I have been cutting down sugar now slowly for the past few weeks. For me it's the easiest way to do it. When I gave up smoking, I did the same and although it took me some time, it worked and I never looked back. I wonder if that's because I know I 'started' something today that I'm craving something I shouldn't be having already. Probably, I would say a good percentage of change is about our psychological processes.
I had a parasitology test last week, which is used to detect parasites as well as beneficial intestinal microflora, imbalanced flora, and bacterial or fungal pathogens. I am awaiting the results to see what to do next but it may be helpful in indicating some useful antifungal supplements.

Second week- I did have that wine so technically this is still the first week. I'm finding it hard to completely stop eating fruit. I have cut out nearly ALL my sugar but then remembered that refined carbohydrates like crisps are broken down in the body very quickly into ....yes you guessed it...sugar! Aghhh! I ask myself is this really realistic , in a world were there is so much temptation, so much fast and junk food? Being vegan does not mean you are not eating junk food either. My conclusion is just to eat the way we would have done a few hundred years ago. Everyone is different so will thrive on a different diet and it also depends on where you are from geologically as genetics will play some part in how your diet affects your health. The good news though is that it is likely to play a smaller part than previously thought. Our environment has much more of an impact. My stool test results have come back and they are all negative. I am now going to start introducing oil of oregano which is thought to be a good anti- fungal and a good daily probiotic with Bifidobacteria and Lactobacillus acidophilus. Bifidobacterium are reduced with age along with levels of glutathione in the liver, necessary for adequate detoxification of mycotoxins (secondary effects of moulds which have adverse effects).

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