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What my clients say about my work is extremely important to me and gives others confidence that they are going to get the best service possible.

"I had never seen a nutritional therapist before and was a bit hesitant as to whether food really could help with my arthritis. After a few weeks I really did notice a change in my pain levels and my inflammation had gone down. I the started to put other suggestions into action like gentle daily exercise alongside dietary changes. I am getting better and am so grateful I met Sarah. "
"Having had diabetes for years, I was also feeling low, tired and suffered with mood swings. Sarah gave me a plan which helped to stabilise my blood sugars which had a knock on effect on the way I felt. I didn't realise these things were connected. I finally have much less cravings and my mood swings have evened off! "

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"The first time I had Reiki I had an amazing sense of being nurtured and a feeling of coming back to myself. It inspired me to learn it myself. Five years on, I know when I need it and still have it regularly "

"I go to Sarah whenever I need a top up. I have usually have Reiki when my stress levels build up and am always glad I did. "

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I believe that each person is unique. I recommend personalised nutrition and lifestyle programmes rather than a ‘one size fits all’ approach.

I have a background in science so use both holistic and scientific protocols to give you the best of both worlds. Training for 3 years for a Diploma in Nutrition, I have years of clinical experience and a degree in science. As a Reiki therapist I can recommend Reiki for those who prefer a more gentle and relaxing approach.
Nutritional therapy cannot be a replacement for medical diagnosis and I work alongside other healthcare professionals . If you already have a diagnosed condition, I recommend that you let your Doctor know you are seeing a nutritional therapist.

What is Nutritional Therapy?

Nutritional therapy tackles health issues from a diet and lifestyle perspective. Illness can occur for many reasons, but poor diet, stress, anxiety, and sleep problems can all contribute to impaired digestion leading into a cycle of even poorer nutrition.
There are also dietitians but they are trained differently from nutritional therapists so would give different advice.

Optimal nutrition has anti-ageing effects....
We all need to eat and the good news is that we can enjoy our food without having to miss out! Sometimes, it's just about learning different food choices can have not only on our bodies but also our mental well being as well. Food can affect our mood so we really are in a great position to find the best and delicious solutions to help us to feel better. Sometimes just a few simple changes can make all the difference but whoever you are, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.>

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How can it help me?

Often we want to change but don't know how to. We can have subconscious habits and because we aren't consciously aware of them, we cannot change them. We may have a 'trigger' which comes before a habit or behaviour. For instance, if we automatically go to the kitchen cupboard as soon as we get in from work when we aren't hungry, then the trigger is using food as a relaxant or for comfort at that time. Therefore we can change that trigger to do something different when coming home, like taking the dog for a walk. It is these behaviours that we can also address in nutrition and use our minds to change the outcome of how, when and why we might eat.

Will I have to give up the foods I like?

The great thing about food is there is lots of it and lots of different types. You may have to stop eating a certain food if it causing you problems but if it makes you feel better then it's unlikely you will miss it. It may only be for a short time, to give your body a chance to heal.

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