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Distance Reiki and Reiki via Zoom now available

Reiki can help with tiredness, fatigue, stress, trauma; infact almost any kind of dis-ease. It will help to bring you to a place of calmness and clarity where your body is in a better position to achieve maximum health and vitality by kick starting the body's own healing process off.
Reiki can be used for all sorts of health problems including (but is not limited to):

  • Anxiety
  • Sleep problems
  • Inflammation and pain
  • Traumatic life events and current stressful situations
  • Improving energy levels
  • Assisting with significant life changes such as grief

    Reiki is a technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes the body's own innate healing ability. It is based on the knowledge that life force energy flows through all of us. The energy, also known as 'chi' or 'ki' is enhanced during a treatment and can result in amazing changes. This life force can become blocked or stuck for all kinds of reasons (such as trauma) and if left unaddressed, may eventually manifest as some kind of physical, emotional or even mental illness. The practitioners role is to act as a conduit, to help the client receive the energy in it's purest form.

    Through promoting inner calm and serenity, mind and body are brought into a state of deep relaxation. Many people remark on the depth and quality of the relaxation they experience and afterwards report a wonderful feeling of well-being.

    Face to Face Reiki available in Topsham, Sidmouth and Exeter.

  • Distance Reiki

    I also practice distance Reiki. Location is no barrier. It works in exactly the same way as face to face Reiki because the auric field can be accessed at any distance with agreed intent. It is especially useful in times of late and can help help with the anxiety, stress and even fear of the unknown. Reiki restores the natural flow of energy and helps us to get into a peaceful space where we can just enjoy life or it gives us back the ability to make clear decisions when we need to. As Reiki is the Universal life force energy it can flow to anyone, anywhere and at any time. It's all around us and all that is needed to direct the energy is intent.

    Reiki Prices

    £25 for 40 minutes. Look on the click down menu under 'Therapies'.

    Starts from £20 . Please call for more details.

    £45 for 1 hour .

    £40 for 45 minutes.


    Animal Reiki

    Animal Reiki is wonderful for pets or wild animals. It works in exactly the same way as it does for humans by removing blocked energy.
    Reiki can help animals in many ways, here are just some:

  • To calm an animal which is in distress
  • To help with pain management for long term or acute conditions
  • Reiki can be given to help an animal passing over. Death is seen as a natural part of life by animals as they tend to be more accepting than humans about moving on. Sending Reiki whilst an animal is in the process of dying can make such a difference. In the main it can promote peace and acceptance, especially when sent to the owner and their family. It can really help with processing grief and sadness.
    Please call me for more details
  • Reiki can be sent before or after (pre or post- operatively) treatments at the vets to help to relax and allow the animals own healing system to kick in
  • It compliments and supports veterinary care
  • There is no need for movement or disruption, Reiki can be given to them wherever they are The animal is in control at all times, Reiki cannot be forced. When they've had enough they will make it known, perhaps by simply getting up and walking away.

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  • The great thing about Reiki is that it is non-invasive so it can be used for nervous animals and at any distance.

    I have used Reiki on animals (and plants) for a number of years. I have an animal science degree and having also completed an animal healing course on the ponies in Dartmoor I have had the opportunity to work with many different animals.

    Animals do communicate with us, all we need to do is to be quiet enough to listen. Practicing Reiki allows space to be able to really hear what they are telling us.

    At the moment, another lockdown presents another opportunity to offer Reik over distances. Call or email me for a free chat!

    Reiki. Reikicat

    Changes may be obvious or more subtle after the first Reiki treatment and everyone is different . You may experience feeling quite emotional, tired or just like you need to rest. This is just the energy moving and needing to come out in some form. The affects of Reiki are cumulative so a follow up or regular treatments do produce longer lasting results. Reiki is like any physical fitness routine, regular engagement helps to keep your energy bodies or aura strong.

    A gentle, holistic, non-invasive method of hands on healing (equally effective when working above the body) whose origins reach back over thousands of years.

    Home visits will be available again soon. I usually work just above the body because this area is within the auric field and touching is not necessarily required. Sometimes though, touch is reassuring and Reiki can be given in this way too. Book an appointment in Exeter or Topsham and see for yourself. Sometimes I can visit you and can travel as far as Sidmouth.

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